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“Once there was a way to get back home”
ARTIST TALK with Tina Poplawski

Installation View
DATE & TIME: Sunday November 30, 2014 at 1pm
PLACE: Tom Thomson Gallery,
840 First Avenue West, Owen Sound, ON
Artist Tina Poplawski’s heritage has an ongoing impact on her World View and her artistic practice. Descended from Polish refugees,
first stripped of worldly possessions, then ripped from home and country and imprisoned during World War II, Tina states that she is
“attempting to reclaim something of this lost past, this misunderstood history – to bear witness to these fading memories and to
create, out of the wreckage, a visual and ethical imagination.”
Please join us as Tina discusses her practice and her art works in the current exhibition If It Weren’t for the War.
Everyone is welcome to this free event.

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